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Making More By Paying Less 

August 2, 2017 by Robert J. Rounsfull, CPA

When affluent clients want to pay less tax, they turn to accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors, among other advisors. And we can make a nice living helping clients accomplish that goal. (At the risk of sounding self-serving, it's because we're worth it.) But you won't find any tax professionals populating the Forbes 400, or your hometown paper's list of richest local residents. 


Celebrities Behaving Badly  

July 26, 2017 by Robert J. Rounsfull, CPA

One day back in March, 2002, Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller spotted a photo of actress Drew Barrymore bending over to pick a coin off the ground. A light bulb flipped on over her head, and on April 1, her magazine debuted a brand-new photo feature that changed the paparazzi game forever. We're talking, of course, about "Stars — They're Just Like Us." (Of course, they're still not quite just like us . . . how many photographers are fighting to catch pictures of us picking up our dry cleaning, filling up our gas tanks, or trying to pick the ripest avocado at Whole Foods?) 


This is Spinal Tax! 

June 21, 2017 by Robert J. Rounsfull, CPA

In 1984, the documentary filmmaker Marty Di Bergi scored a hit with This is Spinal Tap, a look inside Britain's loudest band and their 1982 Smell the Glove concert tour. Lead singer David St. Hubbins, lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel, and bassist Derek Smalls, were joined by a series of drummers who died under mysterious circumstances, including spontaneous combustion and a bizarre gardening accident that authorities said was "best left unsolved." 


No Soup For You! 

May 31, 2017 by Robert J. Rounsfull, CPA

November 2nd, 1995, was a delicious day in television history. That's when Jerry Seinfeld and the rest of his gang introduced us to the "Soup Nazi", a stern-looking chef who demands his customers follow his obsessive rules for lining up and ordering. The Soup Nazi didn't win any awards for customer service, but his soup was so good that customers lined up around the block for it anyway. The episode scored an Emmy for Larry Thomas, the actor who played the character. And it led to fame and fortune for Al Yeganah, the real-life "Soup Nazi" who operated a restaurant on Manhattan's West 55th Street that the character was based on. 


Taxing the Roses

May 11, 2017 by Robert J. Rounsfull, CPA

Every year on the first Saturday in May, an enormous crowd of socialites, "turf investors," and people just looking for a party descends on Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. It's an unforgettable pageant of mint juleps, fashionable hats, and the most exciting two minutes in sports. This year, the favorite Always Dreaming leaped first out of the gate, left challenger Battle of Midway after a mile, and splashed the rest of the way down the muddy backstretch to his victory. The winner paid $11.40 on a $2 bet to win and landed his owners a tidy $1,635,800 purse.




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